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SSS Ceramics


We design ceramics to enhance the enjoyment and taste of using our products. By combining traditional feel with modern design, we bring Japanese pottery to contemporary tables. Our ceramics, made from clay mixed with local Oiso sand, are perfect for use with food. Enjoy using our ceramics in your dining experience!

Furikake Jar

金平糖が入っているような日本のお茶時間の振り出しをイメージして制作しました。SOYFFEE サラダふりかけを入れてテーブルに置いておけば、料理ができた際に簡単にふりかけることができます。マットなオフホワイトなボディーとアクセントカラーの組み合わせが、食卓の上を飾ります。

Inspired by the traditional Japanese tea time sugar containers often filled with konpeito candies, we designed this container for SOYFFEE Salad Furikake. Simply place it on your table, and it allows you to easily sprinkle the seasoning on your dishes when they are ready. The matte off-white body combined with accent colors adds a decorative touch to your dining table.

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